Collectibles are items the player can collect In each universe, there is 100 items that must be collected in each universe. Since there are 4 worlds in each universe, there are 25 collectibles in each world.


Mario UniverseEdit

  • Mushroom (Toad Town)
  • Starlite Star (Starlite World)
  • Gemstone (Creepycrack Tower)
  • Magic Wand (Bowser's Domain)

Yoshi UniverseEdit

  • Egg (Yoshi's Island)
  • Yarn Ball (Shellpatch Plains)
  • Mecha-Koopa (Baby Bowser City)

DK UniverseEdit

  • Banana (Donkey Kong Island)
  • Bone (Skullraft Bay)
  • Barrel (Tikitorch Peaks)
  • Golden Banana (Crocodile Cruiser)

Ice ClimberEdit

  • Eggplant (Farcast Region)
  • Snowflake (Icicle Isles)
  • Blizzard Bit (Frostpyro Factory)
  • Sapphire Shard (Vetrices' World)


Animal Crossing (Mini World)Edit

  • Fruit (My Town [Note: The player names the town])
  • Banana (Gullivers Island)
  • chosen at random

Chibi-Robo (Mini World)Edit

  • Battery (The Andersons House)

Seed (Plug Park)


  • Falcon Emblem (Mute City)
  • Metal Box (Bianca City)
  • Rocket (Accel City)

Star FoxEdit

  • Meteorite (Corneria)
  • Water Gem (Zoness)
  • Fire Gem (Solar)
  • Rock Candy (Dextra)


  • Bomb (Zebes)
  • Missile Pack (Brinstar)
  • Screw Attack (Phaaze)
  • Visor (Twither)


  • Coin (Diamond City)
  • Gold Bar (Waluigi Island)
  • Diamond (Hazel Hideaway)

Balloon Fight (Mini World)Edit

  • Balloon (Float Ferry)
  • Dart (Poptop Tower)

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